Raghupathy (Siva) Sivakumar

Vice President for Commercialization & Chief Commercialization Officer

Professor, Wayne J. Holman Chair

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
5172 Centergy
75 Fifth Street NW.
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 30308
Email: siva at gatech dot edu


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Startups: EGT (acquired by Arris)   Asankya (acquired by EMC)   StarMobile (acquired by PowWow)
I serve as the Chief Commercialization Officer of Georgia Tech. Previously, I was the Founding Director of CREATE-X, a GT initiative for student entrepreneurship.

My research interests are in wireless networks and mobile computing. I work with an excellent set of students in the Georgia Tech Networks and Mobile Computing (GNAN) Research Group. You can find a list of my publications here.

ECE 6610 Wireless Networks (Spring 2002-2009, Fall 2009-2011, Spring 2013, Fall 2020-Fall 2022)
ECE 8893 Tech Ventures (Fall 2017-Fall 2019)
COE/CS 2701/MGT 4803 Startup Lab (Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2016)
ECE 4607 Wireless and Mobile Networks (Spring 2009-2013)
ECE 4605 Advanced Internetworking (Fall 2001, Fall 2003-2007, Fall 2009-2011)
ECE 4604 Network Design and Simulation (Fall 2000)
ECE 4603 Computer Networks (Spring 2001, Fall 2004)
ECE 2030 Introduction to Computer Engineering (Spring 2003)

Founding Director (2015-2021): CREATE-X
General Co-Chair, IEEE INFOCOM 2017
General Co-Chair: ACM NANOCOM 2014
Workshop Co-Chair: ACM PINGEN 2012
Associate Director (2006-2012): Georgia Tech Broadband Institute
Guest Editor (2012): IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine (Special Issue on Nano-Scale Communications)
Editor: ACM Wireless Networks Journal, Elsevier Computer Networks Journal
Associate EiC (2003-2005): ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review
Associate Editor (2002-2008,2016-): IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Guest Editor (2001): IEEE JSAC (Special Issue on Advanced Mobility Management and QoS Protocols for Wireless Internet)
Guest Editor (2001): ACM MONET Journal (Special Issue on QoS for Heterogeneous Wired and Wireless Networks)
Program Co-Chair: ACM MobiCom 2008
General Co-Chair: IFIP Networking 2007
Program Co-Chair: ACM MobiHoc 2006
Program Co-Chair: IEEE Broadnets – Wireless Symposium 2006
Program Co-Chair: Trusted Internet Workshop 2005
Finance Co-Chair: ACM MobiHoc 2005
General Chair: SenMetrics 2005
Technical Program Co-Chair: SANPA 2004
Technical Program Vice-Chair: IEEE ICC 2003
Student Travel Awards Chair: ACM SenSys 2003
Registration Chair: ACM MobiHoc 2003
Local Arrangements Chair: ACM MobiCom 2002

Select Program Committees: Infocom (2003-2018), SECON (2004-2005,2007-2008,2013,2017), MobiCom (2003-2009,2011,2016-2017) MobiHoc (2003-2007,2009,2017), ICNP (2004-2006,2009,2011), IWQoS (2004-2006)